My digital drawings. They are mostly one-off hobby projects that I put way too much time into because, well, I never actually learned how to draw…

Original Drawings

These are my original drawings (as opposed to traced drawings in the next section). The Kagari Atsuko drawing is probably where I tried the hardest as an absolute amateur. Still yet to finish coloring it…

Peter Slamming Down Shaa Japanese Association Turtle Pond T-Shirt Proposal Kagari Atsuko (Little Witch Academia) Some condescending guy with a weird haircut Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney) Matoi Ryuko (Kill la Kill)

Traced Drawings


I traced anime/game scenes to produce the following drawings. Purely feel-good drawings – “hey mom I traced these!”

Jakuzure Nonon (Kill la Kill) Present (Guilty Crown) Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko's Basketball)


The following are popular characters in “鬼畜 videos” back when I was still addicted to Bilibili. “鬼畜 videos” are basically Chinese equivalent of YouTube Poops and MADs. I produced these drawings by tracing over screenshots of the said 鬼畜 videos and have used some of them as my online avatars.