These are the graphic design projects I’ve done for my club Longhorn Riichi.

Contact me if you would like to get the vector files.

Promotional Material

Ronhorn Peacock Shirt Mock-up Second Flyer/Poster X-Stand Banner Sticker Sheet (Student Government Version) First Flyer/Poster Twitch Banner Business Card Front Business Card Back Club Standard Shirt Mock-up Award Certificate (Yonma 1st Place) Discord Server Banner Discord Server Invite Background Yakuless Behavior Shirt Mock-up Ronhorns Logo Ronhorns Logo Inverted


Naniya Mirai Sikorski Naniya Mirai Agarenaisa Naniya Mirai KEK PeterPauseChamp RyanJustRight Full RyanJustRight Emoji

Yaku Sheets

Note that all yaku sheets here are modified versions of the yaku sheets originally made by Chase B. (ember_ry). Notably:

  • For the beginner sheets, I made it ink-saving (removed a few background color blocks) and added in the tile references, and updated the dora references.
  • For the full sheets, I added in the “calls” reference (based on Chase’s design in the beginner sheets).
Beginner Yaku Sheet (Original by Ember; updated by me) Full Yaku Sheet Front (Original by Ember; updated by me) Full Yaku Sheet Back (Original by Ember; updated by me)